Kanyawegi Dala Resort is built on original land where nothing has been built before. A natural spot in the middle of a local agricultural and cattle breeding village. We’ve built it predominantly with the natural stone found on the local ground. Often, those were huge boulders that were crushed manually into smaller manageable stones.

The builders  all came from the local and neighbouring villages. The design of the cottages is inspired by the  round African huts with thatched roofs. The design and layout of the buildings were panned out on blueprint by Kadogo, Hans and an additional Kenyan. The manner of building is local. The masonry is a puzzle work with pieces of natural stone that are joined gracefully with grout. To make concrete, the rocks were crushed into gravel which was mixed with cement. The iron braiding for the gravel was also easily done manually. The pouring of the concrete in the eating room and the kitchen was done by a group of men who not only do construction work together, but belong to the same football team.

The result of this manner of building is playful, colorful buildings that fit beautifully into nature. The water for construction was fetched from Lake Victoria and transported via donkeys. Rain water was also used. For safety reasons, the cottages are outfitted with corrugated iron sheets instead of thatched roofs, which is also used for catching rain water that is directed to large water tanks with capacity ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 liters. The rounded roofs of the cottages were a challenge to build, but it was worth it as we now catch enough rain water to cover our own water needs. The gardens surrounding the buildings have been planted with different types of fruit trees, such as papaya, avocado, mango, passion fruit, limes, bananas, local fruits such as tomados, zambarao and moringa, herbs, and of course all kinds of tropical plants, such as lemongrass, bougainvillea, palm trees, whistle trees etc. and our own local vegetables, such as sukamawiki, Kunde, Osuga and Mrenda. All these vegetables and fruits have been incorporated into dishes from our kitchen.


From Bondo road, you ride through a rough road that passes through Obambo, a typical Kenyan village. Through the 4 km stretch, you will catch views of Lake Victoria.


The resort is located in Kanyawegi village in Kisumu County on a terrain of 0.32 hectares.  There are 3 stone huts with walls inspired by the round African grass thatched huts. Two of the houses have two rooms each with a shared bathroom while one house has two ensuite rooms.

There is a well-stocked separate kitchen and dining room area with a capacity of 12 person. The resort has enough open space to walk around and enjoy nature, birds and the evening breeze with a beautiful view of the lake.
The resort has room for 17 people.


Our accommodation now consists of 3 round huts, namely Nam, Thum and Winyo. There’s a kitchen with an ample size eating room and an extra toilet, all built from natural stone.
NAM has 2 rooms, of which each has a two-person bed. There is a collective hall and a shower with toilet. The beds are provided with mosquito nets.
Price two-person room per night incl. breakfast € 70,00
Price one-person room per right incl. breakfast €40,00
Lunch € 7,50
Dinner € 12,50
Price two-person room per night incl. breakfast € 70,00
Price one-person room per right incl. breakfast € 40,00
Lunch € 7,50
Dinner € 12,50
THUM has 2 rooms, of which each has a two-person double bed that can be transformed into two one-person beds. There is a collective hall and a shower with toilet. The beds are provided with mosquito nets.
WINYO has ensuite Rooms as follows:

Room 1 AGAK
Price for two persons incl. breakfast €80.00 Price for one person incl. Breakfast US €50.00

Room 2 OCHOL Price for two persons incl. breakfast €80.00
Price for one person incl. breakfast €50.00

Room with three single-person beds. Toilet and shower outside the room.
Price incl. breakfast € 17,50
Room with two single-person beds.
Price incl. breakfast € 17,50

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