Kisumu Dala Resort is located at Lake Victoria, 25 km from Kisumu town in eastern Kenya. It is located at a distance of 15 km from the Kisumu International Airport and is therefore easy and quick to reach from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi with a local flight, duration 1 hour, or by tour bus from Nairobi center, duration 8 hours.

From Dala Resort all kinds of trips can be organized to interesting places such as Kakamega forest, Rusinga Island, and national parks Ruma park, Mount Elgon, Masai Mara and Serengeti, Lake Baringo, lake Naivasha and lake Nakuru. Furthermore, there are the more local attractions in the area where Kisumudala Resort is located, such as KitMikay and Ndere Island and Kisumu with its tourist attractions.


Kisumu Dala Resort is located in the middle of a village, guests are likely to get a lot of attention from the villagers who want to greet them and say hello. Lunch is prepared at an additional cost.

Life around the resort is village life with many of the villagers practicing fishing and small-scale farming, with market days that include farm and animal markets. There are small trades that sell everyday necessities. Kisumu International Airport is 20 kilometers from the resort. Guests can visit several sites near the resort, the village, the tour, Lake Victor Maboko, Kit Mikay Island, Kakamega Forest, and much more.

Walking route through the area and possibility to visit projects as an intern or volunteer. Visits also possible with women’s groups, schools, football clubs, agriculture, fisheries and elderly care. Cooking whops of local dishes. Vegetarian and vegan (organic). Traditional music and dance. Nyatiti and Orutu. Nature education and experience. Bird watching. Reptile and insect quest.


Guests are picked up from the airport or bus stops near the host. Self-directed instructions will be given on how to access. Car rental including driver can be arranged. There are also various forms of public transport for short distance travel, including motorbike (Boda Boda), tricyle (Tuk Tuk) and matatus. They are paid fairly.

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